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Serving these and other industries for 30 years

On-Site Machining & In-Place Repair Work

For 30 years, MMW has served our clients with On-Site Machining Services. Whenever the dismantling of equipment is problematic due to time restrictions, size, or interfering obstacles, MMW will find a solution.

Along with our internally designed and built specialty fixtures and the support of our in-house machine and fabrication facility in Auburn Maine “we are your problem solver”.

Our extensive line of mobile equipment was put together to meet your specific requirements. For particularly challenging assignments, a portfolio of unique tools, designed and built by Mountain Machine Works, will be used to ensure precision workmanship on your job.

How in-place machining Saves You Time and Money. Our in-place machining service offers extensive benefits including cost savings that come from greatly reduced disassembly, re-assembly and downtime expenses. Machining your production equipment in place also protects the integrity of your machines because little or no disassembly and transportation is required, our customized tools mounted to your equipment will ensure perfect fit and finish. When we’ve completed your job, you can be sure your equipment will run smoothly and precisely.

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