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The highly skilled team at Mountain Machine Works comes equipped with more than 30 years of hands-on experience in fabrication and on-site field machining of RBC units. We offer fair and competitive pricing, one-point project management, and workmanship that exceeds expectation in quality and innovation. Whether you need a project design built, a failing RBC fixed, or a challenging on-site disassembly or assembly performed, we can help. 


Northeast RBC Specialists is a division of Mountain Machine Works specializing in RBC repair and scheduled maintenance, on-site inspection, new assemblies, reverse engineering for custom builds, and shaft repair and replacement—we’re your experts in Rotating Biological Contactor systems.

Shaft Repair & Replacement  


 NERBC can fix or replace your worn RBC shafts.

  • NERBC uses weld repair procedures to fix your worn shaft.
  • A weld repair will last much longer than an epoxy shaft repair.
  • If your shaft is beyond repair or is broken, NERBC can replace your entire shaft end unit.

Typical Shaft Repair & Replacement For:

Lyco/Siemens  –   Walker/Clow

  • Main (Drive) Shaft Replacement
  • Main (Idler) Shaft Replacement
  • Shaft Repair – Drive Side
  • Shaft Repair – Idler Side




New RBC Assemblies


  • NERBC can replace your entire Rotating Biological Contactor unit. We can deliver RBC units completely assembled or we can deliver them dis-assembled and assemble the unit on site.
  • If your RBC is not a standard size and/or configuration, we can reverse engineer your RBC and build to your custom requirements.
  • Although replacing the entire unit is best, we realize that is not always an option. We can replace just the center tube, brackets or just the media.




Bearings & Load cells


  • NERBC can replace your worn bearing with a quality bearing supplied by you or NERBC.
  • You can feel confident that our staff will install your bearing to its factory specifications.
  • NERBC will fully grease your new bearing and make sure your staff has a copy of the OEM greasing instructions.
  • We can install new or replace your existing load cells so you can monitor your system better.
  • No need to order bearings that have a long lead time. We keep standard bearings in stock to reduce your down time.






RBC Media & Frame Replacement


  • We can replace any of your media with quality OEM parts.
  • Choose between OEM & our own custom media supports for your replacement project.
  • Obsolete OEM hardware?  Not a problem.  We can fabricate replacements for you.
  • All of our custom media hardware is galvanized not painted, for lasting corrosion resistance.



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