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The highly skilled team at Mountain Machine Works comes equipped with more than 35 years of hands-on experience in machining, fabrication and in-place machining. We offer fair and competitive pricing, one-point project management, on time delivery and workmanship that exceeds expectation in quality and innovation. Whether you need a project design built, a failing part fixed, or a challenging on-site disassembly or assembly performed, we can help.

With more than 12,500 square feet of heated shop space, five-ton overhead crane lifting capability, and a mobile unit ready to roll for your in-place machining needs, Mountain Machine Works is armed and ready to meet whatever machining challenge you may have—all with quick turnaround and high-quality precision.

Machining / Fabrication


When most people think it can’t be done, our machinists and engineers find a way. From small precision parts to large cumbersome projects, we can build most anything you require to meet or exceed your specifications, perform reverse engineering to get your equipment up and running again, or develop custom designs for specific project needs ranging in quantity from 1 to 10,000.

If you are looking for contract manufacturing or one-stop machine shop services, Mountain Machine Works has the skills and equipment to deliver solutions.

Large Component Machining
Small Run Production Machining
Contract Manufacturing
Reverse Engineering



CNC Milling


From prototype to production all under one roof, Mountain Machine Works is your one-stop shop. All our CNC milled parts are handled in-house working in tandem with your team and delivered on time with quality you can rely on.



On-site Field Machining


 Whenever the dismantling of equipment is problematic due to time restrictions, size or interfering obstacles, our on-site field machining is the answer. We come equipped with an extensive line of mobile equipment, a portfolio of unique, custom-built tools designed and constructed by us, and guaranteed workmanship that will get your equipment back to running smoothly and precisely.

Our in-place machining service offers extensive benefits including:

  • Cost savings that come from greatly reduced disassembly, re-assembly and downtime expenses.
  • Protecting the integrity of your machines by avoiding transportation and disassembly.
  • A perfect fit and finish ensured by tools mounted to your equipment.

    Rotating Biological Contractor Services


    Northeast RBC Specialists is a division of Mountain Machine Works specializing in RBC repair and scheduled maintenance, on-site inspection, new assemblies, reverse engineering for custom builds, and shaft repair and replacement—we’re your experts in rotating biological contactor systems.

    Equipment List, Milling Centers

    Comet – VMC Bridge Mill

    Model 3000G (50 taper spindle)
    X-117.5”, Y-59”, Z-27”
    4th axis indicating capable

    Monarch – VMC

    Model VMC 150 B (50 taper spindle)
    X-50”, Y-30”, Z-44” (With pallet changer)
    Full 4th axis capability


    Model MILLAC 630H
    50 taper horizontal Mill X-40”, Y-32”, Z-32” (with Pallet Changer)


    (40 taper spindle)
    X-22”, Y-17”, Z-20”
    4th axis indicating capable

    YCM – VMC

    Model FV120A (40 taper spindle)
    X-40”, Y-20”, Z-20”
    Full 4th axis capability

    YCM SUPERMAX – vmc

    Model V168B (50 taper spindle)
    X-64.5”, Y-29.9”, Z-27”


    Model KMH-500A (40 taper spindle)
    X-27.6”, Y-25.6”, Z-25.6”
    Full 4th axis capability

    Lucas – hbm

    Model 542B-120 (50 taper spindle)
    Open table horizontal mill
    X-120”, Y-71”, Z-60”

    ProtoTrak – VMC

    Model DPMSX5
    Bed mill style
    X-40”, Y-20”, Z-23.5”

    Plus, other precision milling centers. 


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    Equipment List, Turning Centers


    Model M27
    27” swing (17” over saddle), x 84” length in Z


    Model LU25 – Slant Bed Style
    17” swing, 28” Length in Z
    Dual Turrets – 22 tools


    Model 7105LL – Slant Bed Style
    2.625” Dia Collet x 19” length in Z
    Dual Turrets – 20 tools
    Twin spindle with live tooling


    Model SL200 – Slant Bed Style
    2.625” Dia Collet x 23.6” length in Z


    Model M20
    20” swing (12” over saddle) x 60” length in Z

    Giddings & Lewis

    Model HYPRO 54 – VTC
    54” Dia x 44” long
    (60” Dia short flange style capable)


    Model 24” REGAL
    24” Swing (18” over saddle) x 185” length in Z

    Plus, other precision turning centers. 


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