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From Prototype to Production

Mountain Machine Works excels in finding solutions for complex, small to medium quantity production runs of unique parts and on-site field machining for medium to large-sized projects. We work with a multitude of different industries and are always up for a challenge.

Industries we specialize in

Pulp & Paper Industry

With large, specialized machines, the pulp and paper industry can rack up an impressive bill when it comes to replacement parts. Fortunately, MMW has the solution to your downtime problems with our on-site field machining service, fast response time and the skill and knowledge to repair and permanently fix these machines in less time (and cost) it would take for a replacement part.

Examples inculude:

  • Paper machines, fans, digester tanks and attached power and hydro plants serviced in place
  • Worn dryer journals machined in place without rotating back to operation in less than 24 hours
  • Journal ends machined in place to like-new condition
  • Prolonged life of babbitt bearings while saving on parts and labor
  • Machine sole plates milled in place and ensured to meet tolerances for flatness and fit with new machines

Mining Industry

Having large, usually older equipment that would be costly to remove off-site and/or replace, you’ll benefit from the unique tooling, on-site field machining, crusher repair service, and welding and repair fabrication our skilled team can perform to service, repair and permanently fix their machines—fast.


Examples Include:

  • Crusher journal and flywheel repair, turning down worn journal, milling key to next nominal size, welding and bore flywheel to new shaft diameter and mill key in flywheel to match journal key size
  • Telsmith 52 FC skirt replacement by removing the existing skirt and welding on a new one to bring back to factory specs
  • BL Pegson head rebuild welding the turn cone back to factory specs
  • Pitman arm bore repair back to original factory specs
  • Rock crusher pedestal back to original factory specs

    Power Industry

    MMW has experience working for several sectors of the power industry including wind, hydro, and biomass and is 10 CFR knowledgeable for the nuclear industry. Our on-site field machining and extensive collection of unique tools saves you time and money when a fast return to production is needed.



    • Worn shafts and bearing journals on fans, turbines, generators, motors and pumps repaired wherever they’re located, so you need not bear the cost of removal, disassembly and transportation to a machine shop
    • Steam valves can be repaired at a greatly reduced cost because it is unnecessary to cut out the worn valve and weld around a new valve. This eliminates the costs incurred with weld certification procedures and x-rays
    • High tolerance weld preps are accurately machined in-place by our experienced technicians at a fraction of the cost normally associated with this job
    • Pump/motor bases and sole plates can be machined in-place to ensure proper alignments
    • Major repairs to turbines can be done virtually any time of the year because our on-site service can usually return them to operation within a few days. You no longer need to take a major energy-producing asset off line for extended periods of time
    • Our mid-shaft lathe enables us to repair generator and turbine shaft bearing journals in-place without rotation
    • The coupling bolt holes between the waterwheel and the turbine shaft are repaired without time consuming disassembly and reassembly
    • Head covers and wicket gate pinholes are machined in-place as well as collector rings and exciter commutators to provide renewed tolerance

      Large Commercial & Industrial

      Whether fabrication and welding custom engineered parts, machining unique prototypes or large complex units, we provide full-service manufacturing solutions that are cost-effective with a quick turnaround. If your equipment isn’t operating efficiently or production has slowed due to wear, we can help you get back up to speed.



      • Reverse engineering and building of replacement parts to get your older equipment back on-line
      • Unique solutions to your downtime problems with our in-place machining service, fast response time and highly skilled technicians
      • Repair and replacement needs are completed with the support of our in-house machining and fabrication staff at our facility in Auburn, ME

          Government & Military

          We are proud to work with the United States government and our armed forces by assisting in your machining, fabrication and welding, and contract manufacturing needs.

          • ITAR Certified 
          • JCP Approved
          • Cage Code: 0DEN1

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