Large part machining

Large Part Machining

Mountain Machine Works is the one-stop shop bringing your product from prototype to production for established brands.

With our team, everything is handled under the same roof, so you can rely on the quality that comes with familiarity and dedication to the project. We handle everything from cradle to grave without outsourcing for top-quality machining.

Are you tired of sourcing prototypes at one shop just to switch to a production shop later in the process?

Our large part machining shop can machine parts up to 59” x 120” with tight tolerances of ± .005” and ± .01mm - It’s time to cut out the middle man and get the job done right the first time around.

Reducing Costs for Your Production Run

At Mountain Machine Works, we utilize cutting-edge tools and CNC machining to refine and fine-tune your first-run production.

Starting in the prototyping phase, we get to work providing a quality service that no other machining company can beat.

Because everything is handled in-house from cradle to grave, we are your one-stop solution for large part machining. Since we work with your product from conception to final run, we do what we can to maximize your ROI and reduce your costs every step of the way, without cutting corners.

Every step of the process is optimized for efficiency, accuracy, and quality. Our engineers work hard to reduce machining time, improve tool life, and eliminate material waste with every new run.

We believe in providing quality machining services with tight tolerances. We don’t just provide you with a solution, but we optimize that solution for cost efficiency and product quality, all the way back into the prototyping phase.

CNC Mill with part

Providing A Full Machinability Review

During the initial prototyping stages, we provide a complete machinability review to help you optimize your machining processes and maximize cost efficiency within your design. Not only does this help fine-tune your production costs, but it can also address design elements within the product itself.

Our engineers begin by identifying any areas of the design and production run that may present any challenges during machining. We evaluate the product to ensure the part is designed for manufacturability while optimizing functionality and cost efficiency.

By assessing the tool path, materials and shape of the part, as well as coatings and machining parameters, we can optimize the machinability flow and help you shape a prototype into a finalized design.

Machinability Review

At the end of the machinability review, we pull together a detailed report to outline our findings and recommendations for your team to review. These recommendations are clear and specific, suggesting ways to improve inefficiencies within the design and reduce production costs for your team.

Once the machinability review is approved, we can bring the part to the next stage in the prototyping or first-run production phase. Every step of the way, we work with your engineering department to determine the specifications and features necessary to the overall product.

Choose Mountain Machine Works for Your Large Part Machining

As your one-stop provider for prototyping and small production runs, we are dedicated to providing quality services for established companies.

Whether you are working on a new product line or looking to re-engineer your processes, we can help you flush out a prototype and complete a full machinability study before your part goes into production.

Our engineering experience allows us to work with your team and take the product from the early developmental stages all the way to final production run. We are equipped with the latest technology in large part machining to ensure we can handle tight tolerances and constantly pushing the envelope in improving quality standards.

CNC Milling

Working in small-batch runs, we excel at helping you bring your product to market.

From prototyping to production machining, everything is handled under one roof at our machining shop in Auburn, ME.

When you need a reliable company to deliver the results you need, get in touch with Mountain Machine Works. We have been providing remarkable results for over 38 years, optimizing your products with a team of highly skilled engineers and machinists to empower your production line.

CNC Milling

Quick Turnaround Times

We understand that when you are working on a new production line or re-engineering an established product, time is of the essence.

We are constantly improving cost efficiency standards for our clients, and turnaround time is a part of that goal. Meeting your deadlines ensures the success of the project for timeline production announcements.

Because we work with established companies, we have optimized our production line to ensure you receive the fastest turnaround time in the industry. We work tirelessly to deliver the highest-quality parts on-time and on-budget, optimizing your machining time every step of the way.

Depending on the complexity of the project and number of parts needed for production, our lead time can be as short as 3 – 5 weeks.

Throughout the production process, we keep you up-to-date on the progress of your order, providing regular status updates and keeping you aware of any developments during production.

Need a new part for design and production? Mountain Machine Works is the top choice for companies looking to maximize their cost efficiency in quality production.

Our CNC Machining Capabilities

At Mountain Machine Works, our specialty lies in production machining, and that includes large parts.

As many New England businesses know, few shops in the region can handle large part machining, requiring you to outsource the project. Not only does outsourcing delay your production time, but it can lead to confusion with the design as dozens of people work with the design without being familiar with it from the beginning. At Mountain Machine Works, we are dedicated to providing you a one-stop solution that allows you to keep your production line under one roof from cradle to grave.

The state-of-the-art machines in our Auburn, ME shop are capable of machining large parts with precision machining tolerances down to + .0005” and +.01mm.

There’s no such thing as a part that’s too complex or too large for our machines to handle. Our machines can handle products as large as 52” x 120”, leaving you with flexibility in product design. These machines work up to 50 Rockwell C materials, encompassing everything from titanium and molybedenum to plastics and stainless steel.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best. Talk to a representative at Mountain Machine Works today to see how we can help you bring your product to life.

Materials We Work With

CNC Machining


Titanium is strong yet extremely lightweight. Because of its easy-to-clean and biocompatible properties, it is a popular metal for use in medical and healthcare applications.

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CNC Plastic Milling


Plastics are present in almost every industry today, replacing more expensive parts for with an affordable alternative.

Aluminum Parts


An affordable and lightweight material, aluminum is also known for its resistance to corrosive materials. While not as durable and hard as steel or titanium, it is extremely easy to machine, making it a popular choice for quality parts.

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Stainless Steel

Used in various industries, stainless steel is excellent for corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. This material is popular for demanding applications that need resistance to rust or acidic environments.

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CNC Turning


As a popular material for aerospace, energy, and electronics industries, this metal is known for its heat and corrosion resistance. It has a high tensile strength similar to steel, but it can be difficult to machine so it is not as widely available.

CNC Milling

Ductile Iron

Ductile iron is a popular choice for its resistance to wear and tear. It is highly machinable, making it a popular choice. Providing the strength and durability of cast iron, this metal is treated with magnesium to make it more ductile and flexible.

Cast Iron

Cast Iron

This is a strong, durable material that can withstand a large amount of stress and wear during everyday use, while remaining machinable enough to use it for complex parts. Cast iron and ductile iron are materials that few shops handle because of its dustiness and difficult handling, however, Mountain Machine Works has processes in place to manage these problems, making these materials a breeze to work with.

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Finishes We Provide


After machining, no coating or finishing is applied to the product. This is best for parts that will not be visible to the consumer.

Black Nitride

This finish is used to improve the product’s resistance to corrosion and wear. In addition to creating a hard outer layer, it also gives the part an appealing dark color.

Heat Treat

Perhaps the oldest form of finishing parts, heat treatment enhances the color and finish of the part, while improving its durability and wear resistance.

Powder Coat

Powder coating can improve the appearance of the part by coating it in a fine powder that is typically colored, then hardening the coating. It improves durability and helps the part resist chipping with regular wear.

Bead Blast

Popular as an automotive finish, bead blasting is a way to remove surface imperfections in a cost effective manner. It does not use any harmful chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly than other finishes.

Electrolysis Nickel

This electrolysis process improves the parts resistance to wear and corrosive materials. It also improves the appearance of the part as a layer of nickel-phosphorous is transferred onto the part’s surface.

Type II Anodized

This finish comes in a range of colors and thicknesses. The paint creates a corrosion-resistant finish. Common colors available for anodization are clear, black, red, and blue, though other colors may be available upon request. Type III anodization is also typically available; this adds a layer of wear resistance to the milled parts in addition to the standard benefits of anodization.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

When you work with Mountain Machine Works, you have a single point of contact for all your projects, ensuring that you are always kept in the loop.

Known for quality products and large part production, we are here to provide you with cost savings and customer service that you won’t get anywhere else.

We are one of the only companies that can work with your project from cradle to grave, providing premium services for a reduced cost.

Let’s talk about your project today and discuss what you need for small run work and first-year run of parts. Our process engineers will work directly with your team to develop, and prototype your large parts.

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